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Keep Calm & Kerri On / 'Confessions of a Thanksgiving Turkey' Nov 19, 2020
Norwich, NY
11/19/2020 03:02 PM

BitmojiIt’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving! 


Thanksgiving is hands-down, 100% my all-time favorite day all year long. I start talking about Thanksgiving as soon as it feels like fall. I also wait with anticipation for the Annual Food Network “Thanksgiving” magazine, which I purchase faithfully each year and begin planning my menu. I share with anyone who will listen all about what I cook, recipes, tips, funny cooking or baking mishaps, who is coming to dinner, planning for my annual night-before-thanksgiving “game night” (which, back in my younger days used be “night out at the local watering hole”). The other thing I generally talk about to my unsuspecting captor is my love affair with my tabletop roaster - which totally revolutionized my Thanksgiving Dinner a few years ago. 


Quick side story, I only have one oven, so my very large, 24lb+ turkey would always take up the entire space in the oven. This made the baking and warming up of other needed items difficult, and took some additional planning to ensure that my turkey was done, There is strategy involved here people – if you have successfully executed an elaborate meal (with one oven), then throw “Strategic Planning” on your resume! Anyway, about five years ago, I was sharing this issue with a friend who suggested I look into purchasing a tabletop roaster. Excuse me?? You’re telling me that I can roast a large turkey – on my counter – and free up my oven for the entire day? And what? It speeds up cooking time? AND I don’t have to baste? This is the best investment I have made in kitchenware in quite a while. 


So anyway, I love Thanksgiving.


I enjoy planning the menu, making my shopping list, cleaning, baking, getting up super early on Thanksgiving Day to make homemade stuffing (thank you, Michele, I still use your recipe!), and I even enjoy the long day of cooking, baking, more cleaning, and the challenge of washing dishes as I go so I can keep a handle on the mess. Probably the only thing about Thanksgiving that I do not like is how hot my kitchen and dining room gets. We have a wood stove, which is wonderful, but it pumps out some crazy heat! So by the time my family comes for appetizers in the early afternoon (don’t all families eat non-stop for 4 hours straight?), I have been running around, cooking, cleaning, barely throwing on something presentable just as they arrive, and my kitchen and dining room are 100 degrees. It’s slightly uncomfortable to say the least. 


All of that planning, preparation, cleaning, cooking, baking, last minute runs to the store … it all comes down to a 20 minute dinner, everyone gets their fill and then (for some reason everyone forgets that there are piles of pies, cakes and cookies waiting for later), they’re off to the living room to relax until dessert time. And I love this too. 


My point to all of this is everyone has their holiday traditions, and some of your plans may have had to adjust this year due to COVID. If you have family that normally travels and they can’t, or you have had to limit the number of people around your table, or you aren’t comfortable attending dinner anywhere else, then this is a time to make new traditions. Utilize technology to make sure you “see” your family this holiday through a virtual platform. Volunteer at a food drive or a community Thanksgiving. Go for a drive. Order takeout and avoid the fuss. Get a jump-start on your holiday shopping list, or start working on pulling out your holiday decorations. 


I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has not turned out like any of us really expected, but there is so much to be thankful for. I won’t get into that, I shared my “thankful” list with you earlier this month. However, it is a good time to take stock, and remember that most are safe and healthy, and that better times are ahead. As we approach the holiday season, and all of us are ready to shut the door on 2020, remember that no matter how bad it may seem for you, for someone else it’s probably worse. No matter how you may choose to celebrate your Thanksgiving, all of us at Commerce Chenango would like to wish you well and remind you that we are here for you. Our office will be closed Thursday and Friday next week and I will attempt to take a few days off myself. I look forward to speaking with you after the holiday! 


I’ll leave you with a Thanksgiving joke:

How does a turkey drink her wine?

With a gobble-let!


Ok, one more …

Where do turkeys go to dance?

The Butter Ball


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from all of us at Commerce Chenango.

Be well, Chenango.


Kerri Green
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Commerce Chenango

Yesterday afternoon dinners from Nina's Pizzeria and Restaurant delivered to UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital. We appreciate all the hard working staff over at UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital!

Thank you to all of our donors for making this program possible!
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22 hours ago

Commerce Chenango

The staff at UHS Occupational Medicine (UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital) received a Fueling the Frontline lunch today delivery from Canasawacta Country Club!

Thank you to Canasawacta Country Club and to all our our generous supporters!

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23 hours ago

Commerce Chenango

Fueling the Frontline had lunch delivered today to UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital! Thank you to Garf's Deli & Catering for organizing this delivery today. There are some happy staff up at UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital thanks to our community's donations!😀

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